Who am I?

28 year young e-sports and gaming addict,
Currently studying digital marketing,
Looking for internship in marketing,

Especially good at:
Writing and copy
Creating content
Digital communities

Other pro's:
Knows the lingo in gaming
Up to date on events and insides
Participant in the meme culture
Experience in sales and leadership

What I bring to the table

As a female nerd (proud!) who is well oriented in the digital world of gamers I bring knowledge, ideas and input from the target audience point of view as well as a (soon to be) professional. I know the inside jokes, am aware of certain events or happenings in the community and I speak the lingo.
I am very eager to learn and to implement goals and to make them reality. I'm a sucker for numbers and there is few things as satisfying as calculating the quantity of success. I am also a strong believer of the (kind of cheesy) cliché that nothing is impossible and aint no mountain high enough.

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Top 3 games

1. League of Legends

2. Starcraft II

3. Counter Strike and Valorant


Top 3 moments


backdoor in IEM Katowice


emotional speech in worlds 2018


gets MVP in EULCS Summer